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The merits of mathematical models
Model-based digital transformation is THE vehicle to move industries to the digital future. This approach is actionable from the start, fosters agile work, and delivers valuable results.
How to succeed on the pursuit of a PhD
During the summer break, my PhD certificate arrived, testifying the success of my research in the development of mathematical optimization algorithms and software. The occasion made me reflect on the journey I have had and what I would do differently - this is the result.
What do socks laundry and mathematical optimization have in common?
Mathematical optimization algorithms use tricks that often work for real-world problems. We explore a peculiar similarity to the task of matching socks.
Optimization for the energy transition - part 3
Clever model adjustments enable the use of efficient algorithms. What does an optimal production plan for aluminum production look like?
Optimization for the energy transition - part 2
How does a computer understand the numerous requirements for an optimal production plan for an aluminum production plant? It uses mathematical models! We look behind the scenes...
Optimization for the energy transition - part 1
Optimal production schedules compensate for fluctuations in renewable energy supply and reduce electricity costs, for example, in aluminum production.